"Staging the Domestic"

"Staging the Domestic"

Date: October - December 2014

Venue: The Hospital Club, London

Founded in 2004 by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, and the former member of Eurythmics, musician David A. Stewart, "The Hospital Club" was one of the most successful private members' clubs in London, with it's own very important art section and a vast exhibition program.

"The Hospital Club" and "Salon de Bricolage" have been affiliated in order to exchange creative ideas and activities. Inspired by the affiliation, the curator Anna Chatzinassiou came up with the idea of organizing an art exhibition at each private club respectively. In October 2014 she will present Greek artists at "The Hospital Club" in London and shortly after an exhibition of British artists at the "Salon de Bricolage" in Athens. The curator intends to familiarise the members of each private club with the artistic creation of contemporary artists from the other country. Moreover, the scope of the exhibition is to present important Greek contemporary artists during a period of time that coincides with the Frieze Art Fair London 2014, one of the world's leading contemporary art fairs. 

The selection of all artwork for the London exhibition Staging the domestic has been determined by taking into account the uniqueness of "The Hospital Club" premises, whose home-like atmosphere impresses an idiosyncratic and spiritual approach upon the mind of its quests, created by the harmonious concurrence of space, art and visitors, an impression that interestingly contrasts with the sensation of the "white box" concept, transmitted by the empty white walls of an art gallery.

The artists Venia Bechraki, Alexandros Georgiou, Apostolos Georgiou, Panos Kokkinias, Angelo Plessas, Mantalina Psoma, Alexandros Psychoulis, Georgia Sagri, Danae Stratou, Elena Syraka, Panos Tsagaris, Kostis Velonis and Marina Vernicos, express themselves through various artistic mediums such as painting, photography, drawing, sculpture and in-situ web installations.